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Volunteer’s Obligations

1.  Participation in Activities

  • I understand that I will not receive any payments or remuneration for my volunteer work in Ling Kwang Home for Senior Citizens (LKHSC).
  • I also understand that LKHSC has the right to disallow me to participate in any activities.

2.  Responsibilities of LKHSC

  • I agree that LKLHSC, its officers, directors, employees, sponsors, volunteers, partners, third- party service providers and agents shall not be held responsible for damages, loss, injuries suffered, medical costs and expenses incurred by me arising from my participation in any activities.

3.  Indemnity

  • I agree to indemnify LKHSC, its officers, directors, employees, sponsors, volunteers, partners, third- party service providers and agents from all liabilities, actions and claims for damages, loss, injuries, medical costs and expenses arising as a result of my participation in the activities.

4.  Volunteer Code of Conduct

  • I agree that I have no authority to represent LKHSC in any capacity.
  • I agree to behave responsibly and act in a manner that will not endanger the safety and well-being of others.
  • I agree to obey instructions given by LKHSC on confidentiality, safety and behaviour.
  • I agree that the personal information (including pictures and videos of me participating in events, etc.) may be disclosed for the purpose as stated below:
    • Publicity for LKHSC
    • Publicity to garner more individuals, corporate bodies and other organizations to volunteer
    • Reporting purposes (e.g. LKHSC Annual Reports)

5.  I agree not to disclose any personal information (including pictures and videos of residents, clients and staff participating in events, etc.) provided to/collected by me or which I may have access to.

6.  I understand that a standard of conduct is expected of me as a volunteer and I agree to act in such a manner that will not create liability or bring disrepute to LKHSC and its name.

7.  The standard of conduct shall include:

  • Being punctual for my volunteer duty.
  • Being reliable and responsible for all duties entrusted to me (e.g. the care of the resident or clients).
  • Communicating any issues or concerns which are likely to affect my volunteer duties.
  • Doing the volunteer duties as assigned and directed.
  • Accepting guidance from the Volunteer Coordinator or supervisor.
  • Being willing to learn and participate in orientation, training programs, and meetings.
  • Maintaining a smooth working relationship with LKHSC staff and staying within the bounds of the volunteer role.
  • Keeping sensitive organizational information confidential as per LKHSC policies on personal data protection.
  • Complying with the policies and procedures of the organization.

8.  Conflict of Interest

I agree to avoid any conflict between my personal interests and the interests LKHSC.

I will inform LKHSC of any potential or actual conflict.

9.  Dispute Resolution

This form is governed by the laws and courts of Singapore and shall have jurisdiction over any dispute.

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