It is our commitment as a nursing home to serve the community by taking care of the elderly who are not being able to be cared for by their loved ones at home for various reasons.  Guided by our mission and slogan “We love to serve and serve with love”, we aim to care for our residents with compassion and love, in an environment that is a “Home Away from Home”.

Our model of care encompasses not just meeting medical and functional needs, but includes caring for the psychosocial and spiritual wellbeing of our elderly.  This comprehensive range of services are provided by our multidisciplinary team that includes nurses, medical doctors, allied healthcare professionals and ancillary staff.

  • Nursing Services: Nurses and ancillary staff provide 24-hour care to our residents by following an individualised care plan. They assist the residents with their activities of daily living, carrying out medical orders, and providing nursing and psychosocial care as needed.
  • Rehabilitative Services: The rehabilitative team comprises physio- and occupational therapists and therapist aides. They provide individualised and group rehabilitative programmes to optimise physical function and improve the wellbeing of our residents.  Our rehabilitative team brings residents to the nearby supermarket for shopping once a month.
  • Medical Services: We have a team of doctors who provide medical care to our residents and review their medical conditions regularly.
  • Dental Services: A team of volunteer dentists has set up a dental clinic in our Home. They come twice a week to provide free dental and oral health care to our residents.
  • Medical Social Work Services: One of the primary roles of the MSW team is to facilitate the intake and admission of the residents including liaising with the referral source, conducting the pre-admission counselling, and organising the admission procedures. In addition, residents and/or caregivers who have financial or other social issues can be referred to our MSWs for assistance. This includes financial counselling, psychosocial interventions, advocacy, information and referrals to other agencies, and discharge planning.
  • Other Allied Healthcare Professional Services: We partner with external speech therapist, podiatrist, dietitian and pharmacist to ensure our residents receive comprehensive care.

We encourage family members to participate in the care, rehabilitation and wellbeing of our residents.  We engage with them and welcome feedback for continuous improvement.